My name is Daniel, I'm a 18 years-old raw astrophotographer and astronomy passionate who lives in a city near Barcelona, Catalonia.

I've always loved space and astronomy since I was a kid but my real enthusiasm started one year ago when I was deciding what I wanted to study. I was hesitating for several months, I was very indecisive but finally I realised what I wanted to do by looking at my Youtube's video history: it was full of physics and astrophysics videos so it was very clear.

Soon I acquired my first telescope (a newton 150/750) and despite the light pollution that there is where I live I was fascinated with universe's wonders

like galaxies and nebulas. During this period I went to some astronomy parks (like Àger and Albanyà) to enjoy their dark skies.

Months later I finally got my current equipment, I was hoping to do astrophotography since I got my first telescope and finally I could. Moreover, month by month I have been buying some accesories that you can see in the Equipment Tab.

Nowadays I have two tubes, each one for different purposes. I hope my images to get better as time passes and also to become one of the best astrophotographers of my generation. but most importantly, I'd like to reach my dream...


My dream is to make a discovery which helps the scientific community in any way to understand better the Universe, and also a discovery I will be remembered for, that would be my legacy to mankind.

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